Reflections on Teachmeet Oxfordshire #tmoxon


Tonight I went to my first Teachmeet and fittingly it was also the first Teachmeet for Oxfordshire.  I may get this wrong but it was organised by Vital and definitely sponsored by a whole host of people.
I got to Oxford Brookes Education campus just in time before the start.  Met @alex_wilson_ who I now have rectified not following! (sorry … sheepish) as well as I think it was James Bird @jamesateynsham.  I enjoyed some nice sarnies and a cup of coffee and it was down to business with an intro video from Brainpop on teachmeets before onto the first randomly picked presenter.

I really enjoyed all presentations – I think I just want to highlight those which gave me food for thought (not in order of presentation)

  • Eylan Ezekiel very briefly on the #positiveparent hashtag idea with @dajbelshaw – very much looking forward to what happens with this
  • Alex Wilson – we hear so much about class blogging lately – it's good to see how its having an impact especially with kids who seem to be drawing a lot of benefit from it
  • Doug Belshaw – I really had to stick my thinking hat on for this virtual presentation but those two models of learning will be investigated and used
  • Ian Addison – I know of but it was good to see some uses of it – I hadn't thought to create a school account for gathering all ebooks from the school
  • Phillip Griffin – great use of a mobile phone software solution to do secure geotagging round school which parents could access – very impressed
  • Row Martin – excellent use of iPod touches in a classroom to support and document learning
  • Helen Caldwell and Amy West – tools for supporting story telling in class – a fantastic set of resources and on a topic I really want to push with the primary school staff at school
  • Fiona Henry on using maths games to support GCSE level disaffected learners – inspiring stuff on a topic I am interested in which is games based learning
  • Matt Lovegrove on using Nintendo DSI's – very impressive use of the technology in a very innovative way although i still may prefer the iPod touch way!
And then to top off the evening I ended up wining a year's subscription from BrainPop UK – most excellent :-)

Lots of links to work through and think about – a very enjoyable evening and thank you again to @mattlovegrove and @stephyoungvital for their work keeping it under control.

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One thought on “Reflections on Teachmeet Oxfordshire #tmoxon”

  1. It was great to meet you too Brian and hoping to see you at the next #tmoxon.Let us know what you and your colleagues make of @BrainPOP_UK – or if you have any questions.

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